It is more for than three years that youth of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community have taken part in the All-Russian educational project of Eurostars! For about six months, every Friday, in our synagogue we attended lectures by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman and other invited lecturers. The completion of this program was the seven day trip to Europe. This year, 25 young people from Nizhny Novgorod have participated in an unforgettable travel for France and Germany. There were inhabitants of more than 20 cities and towns of Russia. This is event was really grandiose!

On April, 28, we flew in Paris and it started kind of thing! The program of the trip was not simply rich; we were passing every minute sensibly! Bus excursion about the city, walk about Montmartre, at the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Louvre, Triumphal Arc, Disneyland (oh, yes, we enjoyed very much to be there when someone is either five or 25), visiting of the famous Jewish district in Paris, Luxembourg Garden, row along the river of Seine by a river bus, meeting with Berel Lazar near the badly known kosher shop of Hyper Cacher, where all participants of the trip recognized the memory of people who perished in the terroristic act on January, 9. Moreover, we have had time to participate in all these events for four days! In addition, for these days we have had time to meet members of the French Jewish Youth Congress, eat about three tons of French kosher cheese, take it with crescent rolls and French sticks, visit antique synagogues, see a number of winding Paris streets and enjoy the atmosphere of spring Paris! Ah, how many positive emotions were experienced by all we and we have had time for it!

But this was not the finish of our travel, and the next point of our program was visiting of the concentration camp of Buchenwald, where we did a funeral rite. We were told of horrors of living of the POWs, and it reminded us that wounds of this tragedy had not yet been healed in our hearts. In addition, the latest city of our program was Berlin, which struck us with its good airs and originality of its architecture!

I was pleasantly surprised how much Jewish youth from various parts of Russia was striving after their roots and wants as more as possible of our traditions and commandments! All we are expected to have returned from the trip with a positive decision and more clear Jewish self-identification. I would like to say all girls and young men who for some reason or other have not participated in this project that we are waiting for you in September, in a new season of EuroStars!

By Alla Aizena

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Unusual Lag BaOmer

I keep in my mind our community to have celebrated Lag BaOmer going by a steamer and this year this holiday has been celebrated by having gone out our city. I even keep also in my mind that Lag BaOmer has once coincided with the Victory Day and we saw the firework from the streamer deck.

But such as it has been this year it had not ever been.

On May, 7 our school had a Topsy-turvy Day. Almost from the early morning there went for us kids of the kindergarten. We all together saw a little video and recited pesuchim. After that, the students went for a class in honor of this ancient Jewish holiday. The classes were given by students of seventh and eights forms for boys and girls from first to sixth ones. Moreover, the classes were prepared very good, were very interesting and with invention.

In addition, at the same time the visitors and the senior students went out of doors and amused there themselves. The little boys and girls were jumping on various trampolines, imagining them to be Spider men, competed who would jump higher on inflated toy horses, shooting with soft toy birds to funny soft figures… Surely kids of the kindergarten did not leave the school being empty-handed. Being led by senior students and tutors the former made very unusual articles and got nice balloons! Can’t be a festival without refreshments? They of course were too!

Exactly up to the moment after going out of the little boys and girls the student had finished their class and opened a contest between teams, green (boys) and yellow ones (girls) and this competition will be continue up to Shavuot. A deserved prize is set aside for the winner team.

Surely there were picnic, making articles, computer game, the game of Jolly balls.

Thanks for such festival!

By M.L. Pashton,
mistress of the school

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They Published the 36th Issue of the Paper of Be’Yachad

We are bringing to your attention a usual issue of the paper of Be’ Yachad.

Read in the new issue:
- It Is Dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War;

- Trip Under the Program of Eurostars-2015;
- Unusual Lag BaOmer;

- Persona Grata: the Rabbi of Dov-Ber Raskin.

The paper is mailed for all Jews of the city.

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Online Meeting of the Youth Club with Mr. Birman

On March, 29, there was an online meeting online with Mr. D.P. Birman, the vice-mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, who is a successful businessman and politician. They talk business, startups, politics, Jewish family and our community.

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Israeli Basketball Player Visited Our Synagogue

The Nizhny Novgorod synagogue was visited by an Israeli basketball-player of Gal Mekel. For last season, Gal played in the NBA team of Dallas Mavericks. At the moment, he represents the team of Nizhniy Novgorod, that is a leader of the VTB United League.

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Nizhniy Novgorod Jewish Celebrated Pesach

On Friday, April, 3, in our synagogue there was a Seder. At the holiday party, which was lead by the Chief Rabbi of Shimon Bergman, there were about 200 people. At the same time the youth club was celebrating a Seder for young people. There were more than 50 members.

On the days before holidays, our parishioners were buying matzoth, grape juice and other kosher food for the Pesach. Noting with satisfaction more and more Jews every year to comprehend importance of observance of customs of the holiday of Pesach.

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Our Congratulations with Bat-Mitzvah!

We wish happy birthday to Dana Lifshits, congratulate her with the twelfth anniversary and making her Bat-Mitzvah on Adar, 16! This Jewish ceremony is one of the most important ones in life of girls, so it is celebrated with especial solemnity and style. We are joining warm congratulations that have sounded this evening and wish our dear initiator of the festival to enter her maturation time.


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Our Congratulations with Bat-Mitzvah!

We congratulate Elina Rosenvald with her Bat-Mitzvah on Shevat, 28. It is celebration of Jewish majority, significant phase in life of teen, which symbolize parting of her childhood and readiness to be responsible for her deeds side by side with adults. With all our heart we congratulate our dear initiator of the festival with this solemn occasion!


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They Published the 42th Issue of the Paper of Be’Yachad

We are bringing to your attention a usual issue of the paper of Be’ Yachad.

Read in the new issue:

- Persona grata: in memory of Elena Derechinskaya;

- Guide-book on Pesach;

- Colorful paints of Purim;

- Last news of school and youth club.

The paper is mailed for all Jews of the city.

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