The children charitable help program in progress
// 31.01.2008

Руководитель программы Наталья Болгар In the end of summer 2007 in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there was an announcement that everyone requiring material aid should approach to Natalia Bolgar and fill the corresponding questionnaire. So the program "Children Help" has started to operate.

5KbThe program is conducted by fund "Or Avner" and fund "Keren Yedidud le-Yeladim in Russia and the CIS countries" together with a local synagogue. The coordinator of the program Natalia Bolgar has done greater work on drawing up of lists requiring in the such help. It has visited school “Or Avner” and children's to a garden of " Gan Menachem", has studied lists of those who was in years camp. At everyone who came to a synagogue, Natasha asked: "You know those who requires the help? Inform them, that it is possible to address to us ".

The program has started to operate. Once a month stands out a set of products. This the most necessary: a flour, groats, canned food, oil, sugar, eggs. All production - kosher, high quality. It is made in Russia. And here sweets act from Israel. Whether people are happy? Very much. Any person does not leave without warm words of gratitude. Thank both by phone, and in letters. Natasha tries, that products were various that the help of a synagogue to requiring people was as much as possible effective. 5Kb

Now the program is in Progress. The contract for new term is already renewed. The field of activity extends also: children from requiring families have been provided by winter clothes and footwear. All the goods - the Russian manufacture, all absolutely new. It not any second-hand! For boys have brought down jackets, for girls - a down coat. Everyone who has received gifts for the children, with all the heart thank and speak: did not expect, that things will be such high quality!

Natalia Bolgar has told, that maintenance with clothes and footwear - the single action. Whether it will be repeatedly lead, will show time. For now children are pleased to new things. The program is calculated on children from the Jewish families or having the Jewish roots. And whenever possible assist children who are not having the Jewish roots.

Nadezhda Molchanova

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