The Jews of Nizhny Novgorod go to the synagogue to get tzdaka and mezuzah
// 18.10.2007
6.4KbTo be a Jew means to live according to the Laws of Torah, to build your life according to the commandments. There are such commandments, which we should fulfill every day. Among them you can find such important mitzvot as tsdoka and mezuzah.

Tsdoka is not just charity and assistance to the poor. «Tsdoka» is translated as “justice”. Each Jewish home needs a small box for charity, it’s also called “tsdoka”. Jews all over the world put there at least one coin Every day.

In the last newspaper issue we wrote that all the Jews of Nizhny Novgorod have an opportunity to get a tsdoka for their home for free at the synagogue. Up to now more than 150 people have done it, we suggest that all the others follow their example.

The Jewish house has always been unique because of a mezuzah, fastened to the door-post.

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