Rabbi Shimon Bergman

31.6KbShimon Bergman’s family is one of old and well-known Jewish families in Jerusalem, and dwell in the holly city for more than 200 years. Shimon was born in 1975, and to his own words, all his life have been studied Judaism. He studied in Yeshivas of Kfar-Habad and Jerusalem and half a year in Yeshiva of Lyubavich Rebe in New-York. Right after smichut he became a shaliach – envoy of Rebe – and devoted himself to the organization and restoration of Jewish Tradition and community life in Diaspora. Before N.Novgorod Shimon executed his Mission in Riga, Kazan and Novosibirsk. At Purim 1999 he became a rabbi of N.Novgorod synagogue.

During his time of office Jewish life in N.Novgorod had improved dramatically. Jewish Kindergarten and Day School were opened, the new building of Community center started to build.

Chaprak Eduard Michailovich

The head of official organization of N.Novgorod Jewish Community (since 1998), Chief Officer Joint Stock Company “Culinar” (since 1992).

He was born in 1945 in N.Novgorod. Since 1973 employed in common food area. Through the communist times to today he practiced Jewish traditions, participated in religious activity. He grants a lot of time, energy and finance to the Jewish community well-being.

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