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3.2KbCanopy (Chuppah) is a ceremony of marriage in Judaism, more detailed here. Young people, a boy and a girl, who are Jewish, can appeal to a rabbi to arrange the time to make a canopy. You should take with you your birth certificates to prove your nationality. .
3.7KbBerit mila (circumcision). According to Judaism laws any male Jew needs to make circumcision. According to the laws of Torah Jewish boys should make circumcision on the eighth day after birth. (More detailed here.) If the commandment of circumcision wasn’t done on time because of some reasons, you should try to fulfill it even being an adult person.
To do this commandment in Nizhny Novgorod, you should appeal to the rabbi, so that he ask a special rabbi-surgeon to come from Moscow. There’s also a possibility to make the ceremony of circumcision in Moscow.

3.1KbBar/bat Mitzvah is a ceremony of becoming mature according to Jewish tradition – the age for boys is 13 years old, for girls it’s 12. More detailed here.

2.6KbMezuzah (a commandment) is a parchment roll in a metal or wood case put to the door-post of a Jewish house, more detailed here. Any Jew can fulfill this commandment in Nizhny Novgorod. Appealing to the synagogue, you can arrange the time when the rabbi can come to your home and fix a mezuzah to the jamb of the entrance door for free. Placing of mezuzot at inner doors of an apartment is carried out for payment. To get and fix a mezuzah you need to present the copy of a birth certificate, confirming your Jewish roots.

2.9KbTsdoka is a commandment of charity and a place for gathering charitable payments, more detailed here. You can get a tsdoka for free at the synagogue. The price for the second tsdoka and each one more is 30 rubles. After filling in a tsdoka, it can be brought to the synagogue to put all its contents to the community tsdoka.

2.9KbTefillin is small boxes with parchment rolls with prays, the boxes are put on by male Jews during praying, more detailed here. Tefillin can be freely gotten in the synagogue. We also invite all men to attend dairy morning praying in the synagogue, where you can also put a tphilin on.

3.4KbHevrah Kaddishah is a Jewish funeral society. The Jews of Nizhny Novgorod can bury their dead relative according to the canons of Judaism. In case of any questions you can appeal to Irina Vasilyevna Shafran tel. (+7- 831) 434-49-07

3.7KbYortzeit is an anniversary of relatives’ death, more detailed here. You can order a commemorate pray about the relatives, who’ve left for the better world.

More detailed information you can get at the secretary tel. (+7- 831) 434-49-07, 434-40-50.

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