A private preschool educational organization Kindergarten “Gan Menakhem” (NDOU) has functioned since February 2000.

10.1KbJEWISH KINDERGARTEN is a domestic atmosphere (development games, different beautiful toys). The preschool organization has managed to create all the conditions for full psychophysical development of kids, the subject-developing area is permanently improved, the conditions for creative activity of kids and teachers are created. The kindergarten has a specially equipped medical room, music and sports halls, the move of the organization to a new building is planned soon, a computer room, an ecology room, a tradition room and the room of a speech therapist and psychologist will be equipped there. The teaching process is provided with educational facilities: a radio recorder, a music center, a TV-set, a video camera, a DVD player, a fax, a copy machine, a laminator and computers.

9.1KbNDOU “Gan Menakhem” works in accordance with the Constitution of RF, the Civil code of RF, the law about education in RF etc.

The main educational program, which is the basis of the work of NDOU, is the program “Childhood”, its motto is: «FEEL, LEARN, CREATE! » Educational process and bringing up is carried out in Russian. The main classes are led by counselors (mathematics development, speech development, preparation for learning of reading and writing, ecology (studying of environment), construction, hand-made work). The classes of music education, physical training, art (molding, appliqué work, drawing) are led by special teachers.8.1Kb

The priority direction is rebuilding of Jewish traditions, Jewish national culture in connection with the integration of a person into the modern world; it’s realized by means of special subjects: studying of Jewish tradition, Hebrew, Shabbat celebration, national music and dances.

10KbThe kindergarten is provided with twenty-four-hour security, which follows the kids even when they have a walk on a special territory.

We get kids to the kindergarten by special transport; the kids go to the kindergarten and back home on a special route and schedule, followed by an attendant.

NDOU has four age groups; each of them consists of about 12 kids. We take two-year-old kids and older.

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