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Kids in the kindergarten are our pleasure and great hope. We always remember that preschool childhood is a unique period of human life, and we don’t strive to shorten it. That’s why taking care of each child, supporting its curiosity and freshness of feelings, teaching it kindness and sincerity, we value its right to make its own discoveries, personal manifestations and have happy childhood.

Additional free services: correction work of a speech-language pathologist, individual and group classes with a psychologist, English classes, “Hand-made” classes (development of acute hand movements, preparation for writing), choreography, swimming-pool training.

An indispensable condition of education in “Gan Menakhem” is succession and continuity of education due to the connections with Jewish secondary school, the majority of graduates become its students later, though it’s not a compulsory condition. They are also successful at going to other prestigious schools of the city.

The supreme task is physically-healthful work:
• diagnostics of peculiarities of physical development and health condition;
• pertaining to the prophylaxis examination by doctors of the region kids clinical hospital;
• differentiated job aimed at the development of physical qualities;
• prophylaxis of fault in posture and flat foot;
• active prophylaxis of flu in fall and winter;
• organizing of rational nutrition;
• excluding or replacement of some separate meals for kids who are allergic to some food;
• tempering;
• phyto- , smell- and physiotherapy;
• general health-improving massage;
• oxygen cocktail.

The result: health safety, decrease in the level of somatic sickness and absence caused by sickness.
Interesting and fascinating events are constantly waiting for the children of the kindergarten.

• «Holidays of Tishrey month», «Chanukah», «Purim», «A farewell party» etc.
• Contests of the best odd jobs, the best carnival costume, and the best recipe.
• Trips to the countryside together with parents. Экскурсии по городу.
• Visits to the theaters, museums, parks and zoos.

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