The women club has gathered on the eve of Tu bi-Shvat
// 13.01.2008

4.8KbOn January, 13th the school "Or Avner" has again opened the doors for women from the Jewish women club. How you think, about what the women who have gathered session of club can talk? About family, about children, about work, about the pleasures and problems? Yes, certainly, but not only. At sessions of our club we talk about traditions, about holidays and history of Jewish people. Ourselves we study and we learn much. And it helps us to give children correct Jewish education.

5.5KbThe last meeting has been devoted to a holiday Tu bi-Shvat (New Year of Trees). Since the morning senior pupils of school, the cook and the teacher prepared for reception of visitors under a sensitive management rabbaniyot Yael Bergman and Haya Rabinovitz. The class where passed a holiday, looked fantastically beautifully: bright cloths on tables, magnificent bouquets and, certainly, tasty and colourful desserts.

5.2KbYael has begun the meeting with the story about the Tu bi-Shvat. We listened, shared the opinion and even have arranged small competition. We needed to write precepts in which it is spoken about trees or plants. I liked a conclusion which we have made after conversation: we are trees, roots of trees are our ancestors, and fruits are our children. And we should make everything that our fruits have grown strong, healthy and beautiful.

4.7KbAfter discussion we have been provided with a supper. I think, those from you who never tried as prepares Yael, have lost much. And I am very happy, that I have an opportunity not only to try tasty dishes, but also to write down recipes, and then to surprise with them the family.

5.4KbI always considered, that I was not born to draw, especially, to think out figures. It has appeared what to learn it is possible for everything, if near to you the skilled teacher is. Home we have carried away not only plates painted plates and glasses, but also positive emotions, and excellent mood. Many thanks to Yael and Haya for remarkable and interesting evening.


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