The Sidur festival in the school "Or Avner"
// 12.02.2008

Tuesday on February, 5th (29 shvat) pupils of 2-nd and 3-rd classes looked forward. This day Sidur festival – the first Jewish prayer book for children which they can read in language of their ancestors, a Hebrew should take place, keeping ancient tradition of people. This both joyful, and to solemn event were preceded with careful long preparation – one and a half year of studying of a Hebrew, learning of verses and numerous Jewish songs: both heart-felt, and incendiary.

And here it, this long-awaited day! Festively decorated elegant hall full of visitors: both parents, and teachers, and pupils from other classes. On a visit at children were present rav Shimon Bergman and rabbanit Yael - and as curators of our school, and as parents of son Mendi, the participant of a festival.

Our heroes of the festivities have excellent addressed to visitors. By the Jewish tradition many songs executed and solo, and chorus sounded. Rabbi Shimon Bergman has told to children a parting word and has presented everyone nominal Sidur in a beautiful velvet cover. Observing one more tradition of people, children have sent message to G-d with words of love and gratitude which with unusual ease has soared up in the sky by the is gentle-lilac balloons, seen off by direct and pure nurseries.

Well and in the end of a holiday children treated visitors with hand-made cookies.

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