On Purim the Nizhniy Novgorod community suited the children's holiday
// 23.03.2008

5.4KbOn March, 20th at 18 o'clock the Nizhniy Novgorod Puppet theatre has opened the doors towards to children and adults from the Jewish community of city. This night the most cheerful holiday of our people - Purim has begun!

Purim always was a holiday of carnivals, representations, children's competitions and entertainments. Despite of all difficulties, problems with reconstruction of a synagogue, our community leadership has solved what to break traditions it is impossible. Forces of active workers of a community and leaders, at support of welfare funds "Or Avner", "Avi Find fault ", Nizhniy Novgorod regional Jewish national-cultural autonomy (NENKA) and Managements on public relations of the device of the governor and the government of the Nizhniy Novgorod area have been organized family children festival.

4.4KbSo, right before the beginning of a holiday voices of many tens boys and girls with which leaders were engaged ringed in foyer of a Puppet theater. Madrichs helped children to dress up in carnival suits, played with them in various games and arranged competitions. At 19 o'clock visitors have passed in a hall which on two third has appeared also is filled by children.

5.4KbPerformance was opened by organizers of a holiday - chairman of the Jewish community Edward Chaprak, rabbi Shimon Bergman and director of NENKA Susanna Turaeva who addressed to spectators the brief congratulatory speeches. After on a stage send young children who have shown incendiary Jewish dance.

Following integral element of a holiday became performance of a precept of reading of Manuscript of Ester. In a role of the reader rabbi Nizhniy Novgorod yeshivah Menahem Rabinovich has acted. At a mention of a name of Haman of a wall of auditorium shook bedlam from rattles, footfall of nurseries a boot and shrill shouts.

4.8KbAnd further the rights were entered with the present children's 4.9Kbprogram. The hall has been divided on two teams which have chosen the representatives for participation in various competitions. In the beginning captains have competed in knowledge of history and customs of Purim. Then have passed competitions of dances, pantomimes and purim songs knowledge. All hotly were a fan of the, but equal and fervent struggle was won with friendship! In intervals between competitions prizes in a lottery have been played. For parents and spectators a trio of virtuosoes: Natalia Petrovskaja (grand piano), Alla Alekhin (violin) and Igor Semenduev (clarnet) - have executed some compositions on the Jewish tunes.

And at last competition carnival suits took place. Children and teenagers from 2 - 3 years kids up to senior pupils send in suits Ester, Mordechai and other characters Purim’s history. In opinion of jury, the victory has got to the girl who has left in a suit of Harry Potter. She has won a prize - a mobile phone.

In the end of party all children have received gifts - Mishloah manot, and adults have executed one more mitsah: have taken pleasure in a meal prepared by careful and skilful hands of cooks of a synagogue under direction of Nina Bronstein, and, naturally, have told "Lechaim"!

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