Woman club celebrated Purim
// 24.03.2008

5.7KbThe Women club, devoted to this holiday, always passes very specific. I have received the beautiful invitation on Purim from Yael Bergman.

5.1KbWhen on Sunday, March, 23rd, we have come to school "Or Avner" where passed a holiday everyone have been very surprised: nothing has been prepared for arrival of visitors. And here we rabbanit Yael has declared, that in Purim all happens on the contrary and consequently this time ourselves we shall prepare for a holiday. All women have divided into groups and have distributed tasks.

4.7KbReally, it was the most cheerful Women club: participants sang, danced, changed in men, officials, small children, covered celebratory tables. We rabbanit Yael has appeared a surprising actress.

5.1KbEverybody participated in competitions without ceremony. Many women have come with children, but also this question has been thought in advance over, with children leaders were engaged, therefore mums could relax, have a rest and communicate to other Jewish women.

Also for all visitors has been lead an excursion on school.

5.3KbThe holiday has come to the end, as always, with very tasty meal. We with the daughter have arrived home very cheerful and happy and even the whole evening told to ours to the daddy as we today had fun.

Alla Feinstein

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