Children played the Pesah
// 17.04.2008

On April, 13th at school "Or Avner" for children of the Jewish community holiday Pesah has been organized. In it have taken part both parents, and children from two till sixteen years which their majority are pupils of a kindergarten of "Gan Menahem" or pupils of school "Or Avner".

In the beginning in a ceremony hall pupils of school have shown piece on a plot of history Pesah - an Exodus of Jews from Egypt.

Then all children, having divided into four groups, have passed entertaining competitions at several “stations”. In a dining room which has been temporarily transformed into a bakery, they can to unroll and bake matzous, and rabbanit Yael Bergman has arranged a quiz on knowledge of traditions of a holiday.

In a school sports hall of where leaders equipped two "Jewish apartments ", children needed to lead cleaning before Pesah, having liquidated all hamets and also to cover a celebratory table.

In "supermarket" children should choose products, kosher on Pesah. In other room children have taken part in colouring of Hagadah. And in a “living room”, behind an easter, celebratory table children showed knowledge of carrying out of seder and its all attributes.

The holiday has been accepted by children with greater interest and enthusiasm. All visitors have noted very much thorough training of action for which answered rabbanit Yel and leaders from Israel and Nizhny Novgorod. Happy kiddies have carried away baked by the hands matzous, painted Hagadah and new knowledge of tradition of the Jewish holiday.
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