Pesah in Nizhy Novgorod
// 29.04.2008

The holiday of Pesah in the Nizhniy Novgorod Jewish community has been marked by several actions.

At a preparatory stage two educational actions took place. On April, 13th has passed a children's holiday at school "Or-Avner" on which children from 3 till 16 years in the entertaining competitive form have shown the abilities to clean the house to Pesah, to bake matzos, to paint Hagadah and knowledge of rules of seder.

On April, 16th in a synagogue the master-class - educational seder has been organized. Though send on it very few people - 20 person - but this action in opinion of rabbi Shimon Bergman was very important. He sees his duty as rabbi and envoy of Lyubavicher Rebe in that Jews have learned to conduct all traditional holidays at home. Having practised carrying out seder, participants have received a celebratory set - a box matzos, juice and Hagadah.

On Sunday, on April, 20th, in first day Pesah, in a synagogue nearby 30 person have gathered on seder which were conducted rav by Shimon Bergman. Seder has passed slowly, in very cosy and sincere atmosphere. All have by turns read through Hagadah.

In the end of celebratory week, on April, 27th in a prayer hall of a synagogue there has passed Mesibat Mashiah. On it send already up to 80 person. Last Pesah celebration has passed on high emotional rise.


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