Shavuot in woman style
// 03.06.2008

Before holiday Shavuot session of Woman club took place in the Nizhniy Novgorod synagogue under direction of rabanit Yael Bergman. In a hall where participants have gathered, the atmosphere of a holiday was felt. It is remarkable the issued tables with real flowers created joyful mood.

In the beginning of a meeting the slide presentation devoted to a holiday of a talent of a Torah has been shown. After all the task in the form of two questions on a theme of a holiday expected. For answers it was possible to use the literature which was presented to participants.

Then testing during which questions with several variants of answers have been presented was spent. It was necessary for each group of women to choose correct variants and to write down them. On results the closest command, given the greatest quantity of true answers has been allocated.

After that, rabanit Yael Bergman and Haya Rabinovich have prepared for a surprise. They have pleased all gathered with the culinary masterpieces, having organized cafe. Interested persons could order all cakes, fritters, pies, and also drinks. Having tried sweets visitors discussed secrets of the Jewish kitchen. To women always is about what to talk, especially if they are united with the Jewish culture.

The next assembly of female club has passed in warm, friendly conditions. Women have learned a lot of the major holiday of Jewish people SHavuot interesting about history. Leaving, each participant carried away in a shower chastichku pleasures and pride of our people!



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