In Nizhny Novgorod it is detained suspected in defilement of the Jewish tombs
// 10.06.2008

5.9KbThe militia of Nizhny Novgorod detains one suspected of desecration of Jewish tombs on a cemetery "Krasnaya Etna". This were told by the Department of the Information and Public Relations of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Nizhniy Novgorod area.

Lets us remind, that on May, 28th on a cemetery "Krasnaya Etna" in Leninskiy district of Nizhny Novgorod gravestones on 13 Jewish burial places have been profaned. In them doctors, engineers and veterans of Great Patriotic War are buried.

Militias determined three suspected, namely, the 18-years young man, two 14-years teenagers and the 17-years girl.

Investigators consider that illegal actions were made by the young man, who has been detained and during interrogation has given grateful indications on the facts of the destructions accomplished by it.

Other young men approve, that were only witnesses of its actions and did not try to stop him.

From May, 25th till June, 8th suspected repeatedly came on a cemetery, damaging on 5-6 tombs each time. Suspected cannot give a distinct explanation to motives to the actions.

Now investigation of the given criminal case proceeds. Upon termination of investigation guilty punishment in the form of restriction of freedom for the term of till 3 years, or with arrest for the term of from 3 till 6 months, or imprisonment for the term of till 5 years threatens.


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