Sukkoth in Kanavino
// 26.10.2008

As usual Nizhniy Novgorod Jews celebrated the merrily holyday of Sukkoth in the School “Or Avner”.

Festival began with pupils concert that included songs, dances and creative competitions. After the concert elders spent some time watching a film. What children they took part in station-style game “Sukkah in Kanavino”, that were prepared for them by the Madrichim.

Kids entered Sukkah that was inhabited by seven guests who visited Sukkah for the period of a holiday selectively: David, Yitzchak, Moshe etc. Having got all the keys and fulfill all the tasks of Wisemen children were granted with prizes.

For the time of the Festival Kosher hot meal were sold in the Schoolyard. So every Jew had an opportunity to sit and eat in Sukkah to fulfill the Mitzvah.

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