A new Torah scroll in Nizhniy Novgorod synagogue. “There was not such in Nizhniy more than one hundred years” – Rabbi Shimon Bergman.
// 13.02.2009

January, 29th was a very special day for N. Novgorod Jewish people because the two celebrations at one day. The first one was the bringing the Torah scroll in. The second celebration was dedicated to the opening of the newly reconstructed praying hall.

The Torah scroll was ordered one year ago and written in Israel. The sacred scroll, price of which 30 thousand dollars, is a dare present of Boris Sherman to the Jews of N.Novgorod.

More than 300 people came to the synagogue. Jewish people of the community danced and sang a lot being happy to be the witnesses of such a special day.

It is important to mention that a new Torah scroll was brought in the memory of the father of Rebezzin Yael Bergman who passed away last year.

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6.3Kb 6.3Kb 6.9Kb 7.1Kb

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