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// 12.02.2009

Everyone now live in difficult, painful era of the global financial crisis. These difficult times, of course, not spared any of us. But every parent strives to ensure that the economic problems in any way not referred to his child. And the kindergarten «Gan Menachem» has also been working in this direction.

Our students still have a lot of fun and entertainment. So in December, the institution is widely celebrated Chanukah. In kindergarten were matinees for each age group. Kids sing songs, read a lot of poetry, played with the characters that came to them on holiday, most of whom were children from the preparatory group. Children of middle-aged helped Little Red Riding Hood, to find lost Hanukah feast for the grandmother, while showing their musical talents. Well, while the «adult» pre-schoolers surprised all the guests to their submission. They managed to «go to Israel» and to find kosher oil for Chanukah. All of us have a pleasant aftertaste of this bright holiday.

Soon came January, and artists of the «Faith» («Vera») Theater came to a kindergarten with performance «Morozko», and then kids had to hear a classical music concert performed by musicians of the Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic.

In the same month our winter Birthday received congratulations from their peers and Chupa and Chups clowns.

One week later our pre-schoolers celebrated the Jewish holiday «Tubi SHVAT» - New Year of trees. And although it was only fun, but the children could see beautifully decorated music hall, and students were in high spirits. They recalled the usefulness of plants, sang songs about them, recited poems, played costumed scenes. Tubi SHVAT was great!

In the end of February, having prepared their own hands gifts for dads and grandparents, pre-schoolers took part in sporting events on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

Well, now, in a Jewish kindergarten we have a great preparation for the most cheerful holiday - Purim holiday.

As you can see, in the «Gan Menachem» absolutely no time for boredom, and thus any crisis will avoid us.

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