A special message of Rabbi Shimon Bergman at the situation in the south of Israel.
// 13.01.2009

All of us heard news from the land of Israel last week. Terrorists Hamas shelled of rockets different cities in southern Israel, and hundreds of thousands of Jews every second is just in a mortal danger. In response, the Government of Israel decided to conduct a military operation to destroy terrorists and Hamas, and in that moment when I’m writing to you my message, IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

I want to urge all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod to support the residents of southern Israel, and pray for the success of IDF soldiers in their operations, and that all soldiers have returned home alive and healthy. Therefore, I ask everyone, every day military operation to read a chapter from the book Tegilim (Psalms), who wrote King David in the merit of the inhabitants of the south and soldiers, as well as the nearest Friday, all women and girls from the age of three to light Sabbath candles and pray.

G-d helps us to hear good news, and not to know more wars, and as is well known that when Moshiach comes, will not be wars, and the world will be only the world.

With blessing,

Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod

Shimon Bergman.

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