In the City Camp of “Simcha”
// 01.07.2009

There finished the first month of vacations. Someone had time to rest in the country, to visit their relatives or really to play at a computer and to watch TV enough.

Students of the school of “Or Avner” passed these three weeks in their own school and absolutely did not sorry. It is known that whole this time they visited the city camp of “Simcha”. Its name of “Simcha” (it is translated as “joy”) the camp got not accidentally. For the program of events there worked an group consisted of the rabbani of Yael, the rabbanit of Khaya, teachers of the primary grades and leaders of the project of “Perach”. For the leaders it was the first experience of a work in a camp. One can write about the experience very much but let us listen to opinions of persons for who whole this was organized!

"Translated by Mark Gart".

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