There Published the New Calendar of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community for 2009-2010 (5770)
// 15.09.2009

The theme of the calendar is Kashrus and on an every month page there are a recipe of cooking a dish and a short story. The recipes are given us by wives of rabbis from different Russian cities and the Embassy of Israel in Moscow, and also Raisa Shteiman, Ella Goikhman, Marina Pashton, Zhanna Vitebskaya and another.

Also here are congratulations of the Governor of the Nizny Novgorod region of V.P. Shantsev, the Mayor of the city of V.E. Bulavinov, the President of the Community of E.M. Chaprak and the rabbi of Sh. Bergman.

The calendar can be bought in the synagogue or download its electronic version by clicking here: part 1, part 2.

"Translated by Mark Gart".

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