The Day of Knowledge in the School of “Or Avner”
// 02.09.2009

It seems that there just began school vacation but already there comes autumn. There started September, 1. It is a great holiday for all students of the school of “Or Avner”. This year it met us renovated: Classrooms were repaired, they installed new doors, and for the computer classroom they bought new equipment and furniture.

We are very glad that this year in our school there started to study 14 new kids more, 11 of them became newly made first-graders. And also to us there returned our old school-friend who for a year on end had lived and studied in Israel. This is Ogurtsov Nikita.

It is pleasant that we are not forgotten by graduates of last years and for ceremonial lines they come even from Israel.

The assembly hall opened wide the doors to guests at 11 a.m. and they were carried away by its air: Everywhere there hung balloons, posters, over the blackboard there stood out vividly the inscription of “September, 1”, there sounded merry music. The school was filled by students, their parents and other guests. Overall we could hear joyful greetings and ringing laughing of kids. Among this mob sometimes there were glimpsed fleetingly first-graders. They were frightened and admired by that they had seen at the first time.

Because of the bad weather the festival was arranged in the assembly hall, not out like usually. But this detail did not mar our mood at all.

The event went off very merrily: there were songs, poems and ardent jokes. Parting words were said by our rabbi of Shimon Bergman, the rabbani of Yael Bergman and also by the parents of the students and by the mistress of Marina Pashton.

The higher-graders prepared the splendid concert for the first-graders, and the formers in their turn were not in debt: they recited poems, sang songs and gave a solemn promise to study well. For those the first-graders were given by sweet gifts.

The honor to do the first ring this year fell to Deich Leonid (the 11th grade) and to the first-grader of Sinitsyna Asya.

The day of September, 1 always falls on one of forty days of repentance when they sound the Shofar. We listened to this instrument by absolute silence and thought of our behaviour.

The beginning of the school year was clouded by departure of our girls of Shamsutdinova Anna (the 9th grade) and Serebrovskaya Yana (the 8th grade). They were going to study further in Israel. It grieved us to part, but we hope that in the Holy Land with God’s aid they will achieve their purposes.

After the festival we were waited for a tasty dinner for which all we discussed the coming adventure: It was a tram fact-finding tour about historic places of Nizhny Novgorod.

For the excursion we learned that in honor of the great writer our city had been formerly called Gorky, we revealed the secret of origin of the contemporary name of the City of Nizhny Novgorod. Also its secrets were revealed in the Kremlin charming not only its beauty but its history. We looked at the lower part of the city from the Oksky Descent and admired the beautiful river of Oka.

All who went with us can confirm that the mountains of Dyatlovy are seemed to be for them as much as splendid. So the end of this school day was really unforgettable.

We wish the whole school year to continue with the same positive mood. Let the school be for you not only the second home but be a friend. It will always support you and help in all undertakings, prevent your mistakes. Come every day with joy and all will reciprocate your feelings!

"Translated by Mark Gart".




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