The Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich Will Participate in an Annual Conference to Be in New-York
// 18.11.2009

Like in previous years this year in New-York there assembled all envoys of the Lubavich Rabbi for three days for which there will be listened to lectures and will be different discussions of strengthening national self-consciousness of the Jewish people in the whole world. To participate in the conference they invited the Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich. For it they will pray at the grave of the Lubavich Rabbi for progress of their important work and for blessing the Jewish people. Also there will be conducted seminars for Rabbis of the CIS where there will be the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar. The conference will be finished by an especial event in which there will take part 4000 Rabbis! All invited persons will discuss results of the last year at festively laid tables and will come to different decision for the next year.

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