Pesach in Nizhniy Novgorod – 2009-5769
// 19.04.2009

On the 8th of April for the first time a Pesach Seder was held in the new banquet hall which is located on the third floor of the synagogue. The Seder with more than 100 guests was moderated by rabbi Shimon Bergman and Mikhail Belotzerkovsky.

At the same time in the other hall more than 50 young people were sitting together with rabbi Menachem Rabinovich and also followed all the rules of the classical Pesach Seder.

The next Seder was on organized for children on the 9th of April. This Seder was leaded by madrichim Mikhail Shteyman and Zhanna Maslova. “

On the 16th of April a prayer Izkor for the first time was held in the new prayer hall. Dozens of Jews came to pray in a newly beautifully renovated hall for doven.

“Moshiah meal” which is a concluding Pesach meal was celebrated in the new restaurant hall.

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