The Great Miracle Happened with the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman
// 28.01.2010

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, the Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod was returning to our city from Moscow where had been at a very important meeting with functionaries of a foundation who had helped us in building the synagogue by participating of the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar. Near the town of Vladimir in a very slippery length the car was suddenly removed aside, it turned over a few times and fell down to the ditch awry. Besides the Rabbi in the car there were Igor Yavorsky and two Israeli lads. All they got out of the car without of injuries! One of the boys for the crash was in the car without of footwear, jumped out without it too and was barefoot. In a few minutes at the same place one car was carried away too, but it did not turned over and stopped at the center strip. The lad who felt very cold at once sat into the car to warm himself…

A few cars stopped to help our victims and called workers of the State Vehicular Traffic Safety Inspectorate and of ambulance. Also to the place of the accident there came the President of the Jewish Community of the town of Vladimir of Lev R. Shamaiev. Simultaneously from Nizhny Novgorod there departed Boris Ye. Sherman to bring all victims home.

Owing to the accident the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman decided to invite Jews of Nizhny Novgorod to pass together one Shabbat according to all rules of Judaic faith, take part in a meal and be together on the Shabbat from the beginning to the end.

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:

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