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// 29.01.2010

Every people, every country has their dates which are not celebrated or commemorated by other ones because everything has its own history. But there are such events which become significant and are commemorated in various countries. One of them is an enormous tragedy which was with the Jewish people in the years of the World War II. This tragedy has a few names: the Catastrophe, the Holocaust, the Shoah, but the essence is same, death of 6 millions Jews.

In 2005 the General Meeting of the UNO carried a resolution in which decreed that the date of January, 27, would be every year commemorated as the International Day of Memory of Victims of the Holocaust. By this act the UNO accentuated that the catastrophe of the European Jewry trouble hearts of the whole progressive world community.

The date of January, 27, was chosen as the International Day of Memory of Victims of the Holocaust because on this day of 1945 the Soviet Army had freed the largest Nazi camp of death of Oswiecim-Birkenau (Auschwitz) built by Germans in Poland. Having known of Oswiecim the world quaked and was quaking then more than once when they had revealed still new and new details of Nazi’s atrocities. The progressive world could not understand how in the center of Europe which had give the mankind the greatest humanists there worked a powerful industrial complex for murdering people. Oswiecim was called “a factory of death” within the amount of people had been killed there. Along a sorrowful and terrible way through Oswiecim there passed about 3 million people, 90% of them were Jews. There survived only a few crippled, tired out and half dead persons.

Totally for the time of the Holocaust Nazis murdered 6 million Jews. These people died like martyrs: they were imprisoned into ghettos, they were mocked at, shot, suffocated in gas chambers, burned in ovens of crematoriums. One and half million of this doleful list is kids.

On January, 27, in the school of “Or Avner” in common with the Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy headed by Susanna D. Turaieva by informational support of the PR department of the machinery of the governor and the government of Nizhny Novgorod region they conducted mournful ceremony. To the school there came former Jewish young prisoners of ghettos and Nazi concentration camps. In our city there are only ten. They are already very old and not very healthy people, but they found time and power for visiting the school and talking with kids.

It was very pleasant to look at our students: They were serious, concentrated and ceremonial. The students were singing songs and reciting poems of the Holocaust. Our guests and we could not suppress tears when there burned six funeral candles in memory of the six million persons who had perished.
At this meeting S.D. Turaieva presented the book of “Golden Windows”. It is stories of the Holocaust by Polish Jewish writers translated into Russian by the inhabitant of Nizhny Novgorod of David Reider. Mrs. Turaieva was the editor-in-chief for publication of this book. The authors themselves went through the horror of Oswecim. S.D. Turaieve gave guests by a copy of the book.
Our guests wished the rising generation never to experience that had befallen kids of the Holocaust. This wish to be fulfilled we should keep in mind the tragedy of our people and hand this remembrance from generation to generation.
This tragic day in the history of the Jewish people disturbed not only our hearts but ones of the whole public. In this connection our assembly was shown by a few regional TV channels. They demonstrated that they were not indifferent to the tragedy and had closed more friendship between peoples.

N. Bochinskaia,

a teacher of history of the school of “Or Avner”

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:


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