How It Is Splendidly That All We Here Today Assembled!
// 01.02.2010

Finally we are together! And it is magnificently!

On January, 24, in the club of “The Chesed” there assembled all, all, all: employers and volunteers, clients, representatives of Jewish organizations of the city, members of the Council, friends. There were two important events: the third anniversary of the charitable foundation of “Chesed Sara” and the new home.

“Finally Jews of Nizhny Novgorod found their own warm house of which there dreamt everything for many years. Thus the new home is a holiday for all”, said for the opening the Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod synagogue Shimon Bergman.

The hall was full like never. The President of the Community also saw with great pleasure the being action and our amateur performers. Various genres and forms of art were changing each other provoking spectators to applaud and smile. “Our Jewish center uses the accumulated formerly experience either the Nizhny Novgorod voluntary organization of “Zabota Chesed Sara” (“Care…”) or the association of Jewish culture of “Zvi Girsh” having taken from them the best. We continue and develop further traditions of cultural and educational work and social aid to being needy persons of the Jewish Community”, by these words the manager of the center of Yuliya Gornushenkova opened the festival.

The festival was wonderfully good. It was a splendid merry amateur party: music, songs, dramatizations, poems, skits…
Every leader of programs, clubs, and projects in merry musical form told briefly of his or her work. There took part everything from little kids to golden age voluntaries. On the stage there were more than 40 persons, and the hall of “The Chesed” was overcrowded. The musical club, the literature sitting-room, the clubs of Hebrew and gardeners, the women club, the kids center, the library, the historic and excursion project were presented by employers and voluntaries of ‘The Chesed” who showed all that they are able to do.

And what concerted team was officials of social programs led by their director! Their jolly improvisation set the tone to the whole festival.

Tania Priver on behalf of all organizations working now in the synagogue gave us a musical gift as a nice song.
In the hall there was very warm, natural, friendly atmosphere.
The film shot by our friend from the association of Polish culture of Yury Tokarev will go down in history of our center.

“How it is splendidly that all we here today assembled!” These words sounded as a motto and the confirmation of the event which came off.

Yuliya Gornushenkova

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:

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