There Perished a Young Jewish man
// 08.02.2010

Sioma Shvidler smashed himself to death. The five words fast spread round our young persons and having heard this you refused to believe a receiver… It is impossible for a person for whom every second is filled by easy humor, who wished to attract to himself a collocutor, to discuss something, to tell him or her something, who drew persons to himself by his smile, to perish in a traffic accident almost without having started to live…

It is sorry and terrible: There is a sensation of some unfairness and unreality of this bad event is like a terrible dream. But cold ringing silence of the cemetery of Maryina Roshcha returns you to this unimaginable reality. No Sioma anymore…

We came almost all: the first did to your block, the second did to the cemetery. You were unique, we took part with you in appearance of the Club of Jolly and Quick-witted persons (KVN) on the stage of the Nizhny Novgorod City Theatre, we argued with you, you were only such and were not like anybody: you were an especial Jewish lad.
In 1991 we met in the synagogue and became utterly absorbed in this wave to be of itself, when you are proud of being Jew. You knew our history and language and with pleasure imparted your knowledge to others.

No words which could somehow relieve mental anguish of your near relations and friends from such loss. We are condoling. Your anguish is ours too. This is also an anguish of Jewish youth and the Jewish community totally.

Once I came to a synagogue: You knew that my mom was a Jew,
I was going to say my prayers to live jollier…
(Sioma Shvidler, lyrics of the song for the KVN, 2006)
Moshe Belotserkovsky

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:

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