Everything of the Week of Natural Sciences in the School of “Or Avner”
// 02.03.2010
The first week of February passed under the auspices of natural sciences and was rich of interesting and educational events that were conducted by teachers and students of higher grades. Especial bias was done aside the subject of the quarter.

The educational discussion on the theme of “Minerals” was conducted by students of the 9th grade. Our six-graders presenting at the event were fascinated by stories of higher-graders very much and learned the much new. Special attention was given to individual minerals with unusual and properties seldom found.

The students learned that pink quartz is “a king” of translucent quartzes. Seldom found transparent specimens of this stone have stunning beauty and can be very expensive. In spite of their fragility this sort of quartz is used by making simple decorations. And tiff is proved to be the most widespread mineral and one of few ones that one can find barely walking in mountains. The Alps and the Cordilleras are consisted mainly of tiff. From time immemorial this mineral was used for making lime and whitewash. But also up to now it is a strategic raw material for building industry.

But the most of all the students were amazed by pyrites what in translation from Greek means “a stone striking fire”. From its splendid golden brilliance it is often mixed with gold up. Besides it has very nice crystalline structure and is a required mineral among collectors because its nice crystals go for making jewellery. But oftenest pyrites serves as a supporting base for other precious stones.

Leaders of the project of “Perach” (7th -9th grades) astonished their students by story of stones chemistry. Despite this subject is very complicated the little schoolchildren could learn the new and interesting material thanks to having prepared preliminary to this event. They had defended their own projects on the subject given.
Equally with extraordinary classes at which we broached the theme of “Minerals” for the week we learned a lot of very interesting information. E.g. at a class of physics we were examining how we are good in the subject of “Force”. Solving problems on genetics at a class of biology we were trying to learn who had been our ancestors and were forbears who will be our progenies.

It was possible to check our knowledge of natural sciences by participating in subject contests.
This week was filled with fascinating and educational events. We should like to thank everyone who was taking in them energetic part.

Mark Tarasov,

A six-grader.

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:

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