My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach
// 17.03.2010

On March, 14 in the banquet hall of our synagogue for students of the Jewish school of “Chabad Or Avner” there was a unique family event having the intriguing name of “My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach”. The Rabbanits of Yael Bergman and Khaya Rabinovich organized the event.

The whole its program was divided into two parts: At first to the synagogue by noon they invited students from 1st to 4th grades, and then they did students from 5th to 11th grades. Well as it could guess by the name a compulsory condition had been participation of their moms.

For the hour fixed all was ready, the hall started to fill by young participants, their parents and surely by senior students of the school who was helping conduct this festival.

All having impatience was waiting for the start of the event, all was intrigued… And here was the moment long waited. Yael Bergman having welcomed the guests told him of what they are waited for in the near future. “…Pesach is one of important Jewish holidays. It has a lot of laws, and today you will have an opportunity to go into them closer...,” said she. And really such opportunity to the guests of the festival arose.

Was this a family festival? What was it? Yael and Khaya created the especial program. Participating in it moms of the students of the school of “Chabad Or Avner” had an opportunity of being with their kids, learning something, seeing a video of Pesach, taking part in contests. The most important is to do all these things together. Often parents have not long enough for personal contacts with their precious sonnies and daughters: now job, now household chores, now tiredness. So on the threshold of such family holyday as Pesach they decided to prepare such program.

Well we digressed a little from the program of the event. Let us continue. All the teams-families sat down at individual tables and got the text having been read and not only having read to themselves but together discussing incomprehensible elements and also mixing each with other pleasant.

After finishing discussing the text all the participants got questions having absolute different type beginning from simple questions with variants of the answer (so called test questions) and finishing a task in which it was required to distribute in accordance with clauses of the Jewish Law stages of preparation to Pesach and its celebration. This job was not simple at all, but all the participants without exception coped with the task. There was the understandable reason: if they are united every action goes well.

After having answered the all questions on the text and while the incorruptible and impartial judges were processing the results the participants saw video of making matzoth-shmura (matzoth protected), of all technologies of its production. All the participants without exception

had an opportunity of watching stages of making such matzoth from the moment of spikes carrying in the field to the moment when matzoth has the habitual look. Also they organized refreshments for the all the participants.

After a small video-break and refreshment the participants again plunged into the atmosphere of family cosiness and took part in various contests. Here it was necessary to unite efforts of all generations, both older (i.e. moms) and younger ones (i.e. of course kids). You see that for these competitions the moms needed to recall the all known of Pesach, and the kids must have recalled the information gotten at the classes of the traditions in the school of “Or Avner”. The result agreed to wait for it. All the teams were perfect equal to the task formulated. And the judges not only examined how the teams succeeded this but also appreciated the “family” working.

Before awarding the winners who had gathered maximal amount of scores the principal of the Jewish school of Marina L. Pashton congratulated all the present persons with the holiday to come and wished all merry and kosher Pesach.

Well now let us talk of the most important: What festival exists without gifts? All the participants without exception got a lot of positive emotions and fine mood, and the winners in addition to this collection got excellent gifts. The gifts were wares of domestic chemistry by the best brands of the market of Russia and another important small tools for clearing up home to Pesach, also there were matzoth for the holiday and American grape juice which will come in useful for every Jewish family to conduct the Pesach Seder.

By this moment the event with the conveying name of “My Mom and Me Are Preparing to Pesach” came up to the end. I am sure that all the participants got a lot of fine emotions however like the organizers.

By Zhanna Maslova

"Translated by Mark Gart". e-mail:

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