The Summer Camp of ‘Zvaim’ in the School of ‘Or Avner’
// 20.06.2010

In the school there started to work the summer camp of ‘Zvaim’. In translation from Hebrew it means ‘a rainbow’. The motto of the camp chosen by leaders and kids was the words from the song of ‘So Be Always’ according to the tune of the ‘Sun Circle’:

‘To go always and everywhere with the Torah

Is the most principal in life.

If the God had not helped our people it would have been lost,

And with him it will never be missing.


Let they always study the Torah,

Let they always love Mitzvoth,

Let Rabbi be good,

And let the Moshiah come.’

Let us ask what there think of our camp the kids.

‘The first day in the camp gave us new teams, good leaders and an opportunity to be more harmonious! We were drawing our emblems, composing songs and poems for them!!! What can be better?’ (By Chaprak Dania.)

‘June, 1, is the Day of Defense of Kids! Today we had briefing on rules of traffic, and also took part in a competition on riddles and dumb shows. Moreover our Rabbanit of Khaya told us what every color means. Now we can depict our feelings and sensations bright! Moreover a result of this class was gifts for memory!!!’ (By Fishchenko Alisa).

And today we went to the Puppet Theater to see the show ‘One Cannot Live without the Rules of Traffic’, and now we can go along streets of a city safe because we know the rules of traffic.’ (By Goltsova Lena)

‘Today we visited the glass-plant of the city of Bor. We found out that for the Great Patriotic War the plant was strategic important enterprise. We were staggered most that the portholes of the spaceship by which Yury Gagarin flew had been made at this plant’ (By Garakhina N.)

On June, 7, we celebrated the birthday of our favorite poet of A.S. Pushkin. In the contest of dramatizations on subject of ‘By Lukomorie’ the 1st place was shared by the teams of ‘Keksy’ (‘Cakes’) and ‘Tsezar’ (‘Caesar’), and the 2nd place was taken by the team of ‘Supergnomy’ (Super-gnomes).

On the same day Yael and Khaya were leading the classes of ‘The Color Is Brown’. In the end of them we baked the tasty cookies of ‘Chocolate Balls’ (By Shles Grisha)

‘Today we visited the zoo of ‘Limpopo’ where we had seen a lot of interesting animals. We were feeding, patting and photographing them. And when we had returned to the school the leader of Postny Sasha led the game of ‘12 notes’. It was very interesting! Thank him very much for the game! (By Sonya Li).





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