The Congratulation by the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region of V.P. Shantsev
// 01.09.2010

Dear friends!

Accept the most sincere congratulations with the holiday of Rosh Ha-Shanah!

The symbol of the beginning of the New Year is rooted in the thousand –years history of a most ancient peoples of the Earth as recognition of the great life –giving and optimistic power.
On this day people celebrate finishing an outgoing year. They draw a line under all what is achieved and experienced from the moment of the last celebration. And surely they greet the time to come because it shows new opportunities and prospects, bears good hopes for happiness and well-being.

This holiday of peace and joy is destined to keep the cultural, spiritual and moral base of the people, to fill their hearts by love to their neighbors, by faith in triumph of the true values.
I wish you health, sincere affection and concord to your homes, progress in all your undertakings, understanding and support from your relatives and friends!

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