The Gratitude for Rescue
// 16.09.2010

‘The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community thanks the heroes for courage shown for fire extinguishing in summer of 2010.’ This was the name of the event which was on September, 14, and was dedicated to awarding firemen who showed fortitude for this unequal fight against fire.

‘Burning Summer of 2010’. To be exact so one can call a calamity which was in our region this summer. It is not a secret for anyone such emergency situation which was in the Nizhny Novgorod region and in other regions of Russia. Very fast even critical rising temperature led to serious disasters in the country. Whole areas having burst into flames like a match were burned to the ground and destroyed tens and sometimes even hundreds of human lives. The nature seemed to be taking vengeance for all experiments in previous years which were carried out by people. Nothing seemed to be able to save the situation: Crown fires were destroying hundreds of hectares of forest, burning peat bogs threatened to be a catastrophe for the whole country. But there were persons who risking their lives were standing up for struggle with the calamity. These are numerous anti-fire detachments and certainly voluntaries. They could not look at burning of their houses and settlements. Exact in honor of such heroes, persons who were rescuing lives of persons, were rescuing Russia from the fire tireless and fearless it was organized this ceremonial event.

It was in fire brigade 5 at the Murashkinskaya Street, 20. To visit such significant event having yet no analogs there came the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhni Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman, the President of the Jewish community Eduard Chaprak and also plenipotentiary of the Russian Jewish Congress from Moscow. For taking gratifying official documents and money prizes they invited workers of the system of a detachment of the Federal Anti-fire Service in Nizhny Novgorod.

In the beginning of the meeting the introductory speech was made by the chief of the fire brigade of Mikhail A. Cvozdov. In his speech he broached a question of anomalous high temperatures and also told of direct working of firemen. ‘This summer in the central part of Russia there was formed anomalous high temperature…’, was telling he, ‘elements of our garrison were taking active part in extinguishing ground and crown fires…’

Further there made his speech the President of the community. ‘This action is a result of heroism of late not to have been pointed. In her speeches Sergey Shoigu thanked employers of the Emergency Control Ministry for shown valor, but your labor is also unknown for all…So today we are thanking you with all our hearts that you to have rescued Russia from the fire’, was speaking Mr. Chaprak.

The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman in his speech for the firemen mentioned the especial importance of their work. ‘In holy books they wrote that everyone rescuing a human life is like a messenger of the Almighty.’

After all they advanced the wish all rescue teams to have less work and more opportunity to rest. This desire was taken by present persons with joy and thunderous applause.

Direct before handing gratifying official documents and money prizes there made a speech the chief of the fire brigade. He thanked again the Jewish community for kindness done to the performance of their duty. Also Mr. Gvozdov raised the question of cultural rest of people and careless handling of fire.

Mr. Gvozdov said also that most the firemen recommended to this prize also have governmental and departmental decorations.

Further the President of the community and the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman rewarded more than 20 persons for ‘their courage, selflessness and bravery shown for fire extinguishing in summer of 2010’.

Indeed rescuing human lives by firemen (meaning not only firemen of this detachment but all heroes who were rescuing people and property of these people this summer) is a great mission. Just a few real heroes are ready to decide to do it. And certainly we would like to wish these persons saying by words by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman ‘less work and more rest.’ It is pleasant to mention that this unique event had repercussions in media and was reported not only in TV but in the press. Articles dedicated to this meeting you may read in the Internet:

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