Hundreds of Jews Visited the Synagogue on the Yom Kippur
// 20.09.2010

In Jewish Community of Nizhni Novgorod synagogue they felt the atmosphere of the Day of Atonement. For the prayer of ‘Kol Nidrei’ there were more than 100 people. In the prayer of ‘Yzkor’ there were taking part more than 200 Jews. By night before finishing the fasting for the prayer of ‘Neila’ and blowing the shofar there also arrived more than 100 persons.

The Rabbi of the region of Shimon Bergman noted with satisfaction that it is a jolly feeling the synagogue filled by Jews including kids and young people like in all Jewish communities of the world.

Also there is finishing preparation for the holiday of Sukkoth. In the yard of the synagogue they are installing a Sukkah where they are inviting all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

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