The Concert of Boruch Finkelshtein in the Community on October, 20
// 22.10.2010

On October, 20, in the Nizhni Novgorod synagogue there were a meeting with the Chief cantor of the Great Choral synagogues of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and the senior lecturer of the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory of Boruch Finkelstein and his concert.

He is considered to be the ‘silver voice of Europe’ and the ‘golden voice of Russia’ as a cantor.

The concert was organized by the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community.

The concert has two parts: the first was in the prayer hall of the synagogue, the second was in the banquet hall. For both parts there sounded Jewish music, prayers and songs in Yiddish and Hebrew. The reputation of the performer tells in favor of him: All compositions were sung brilliant, and the listeners as if plunged in life of Jewish small towns, remembered their roots, the language of their mothers.

We would like to note that B. Finkelstein is visiting our community and giving concerts at the fourth time . At the first time he gave in the Kremlin Concert Hall a charitable concert. The income from it set aside to return the building of the synagogue to the community. This time the arrival of Mr. Finkelstein was timed to coincide with the subject of ‘Ways of Development of Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community’. It was discussed by activists of the community at round table.

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