At the First Time in Nizhny Novgorod There Published the Informational Leaflet of All Services Done by the Community Center
// 16.11.2010

For recent two years Jewish organizations removed to the building of the synagogue. Today in the same place one may use all Jewish services. In the present leaflet you can find detailed information of all community services: religious ones, humanitarian aid, education, culture, classes and courses etc. The leaflet is printed of 4 000 copies and is mailed all Jews of the city. Also you can download the electronic version of the leaflet in the site of our community.

From today every member of the community may get in the office of the synagogue a membership card with his or her photo. To a keeper of such card they give discounts and privileges in various shops of the city. The information of them one can find in the leaflet. Also a keeper of the card has the right to discounts and privileges such as buying Matzoth and tickets for concerts.

To get the card you must link with the office of synagogue.

To download the electronic version click please here

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