The miracle of Chanukah
// 02.02.2011

This year the Chanukah was colored by sorrow in the all of Jewish world. In the fire there perished 41 persons; grave there suffered the unique National Park on the mountain of Karmel. How at a hard minute can we find a power to appeal to the Almighty with gratitude, how can we see a miracle? In the theater of ‘Komediya’ there was ceremony of investiture by the prize of ‘The Person of the Year’ which had already been traditional. The words uttered from the stage by the President of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community of Eduard Chaprak were symbolic:

- The Almighty gives ordeals to all. However, how there respond people to them so He renders the people. Now representatives of all countries went to Israel for rescuing but not for murdering. Moreover, this is a miracle! Mazal Tov!

Through bitterness of losses for the Jewish people there were always shining the light of hope and the light of Chanukah. All the ceremony was soaked itself in remembrance of the past and hope for the future.

The nominee of the prize of ‘The Parishioner of the Year’ of Milya G. Zhebrak, a veteran of World War II, a holder of 18 orders and medals, went to the stage not without difficulty. All of people in the hall died listening to his narrative of the war and remembering veterans of their families.

The prize of ‘At the Sources of Sponsorship’ was handed Eduard M. Chaprak for inestimable aid to the Community and responsiveness in all situations. The mistress of boarding school 4 of Emilia P. Aizina was handed the prize for creation of the Museum of Janusz Korczak.

In the nomination of ‘The Education’ they pointed to the mistress of the kindergarten of ‘Gan Menachem’ of Zhanna V. Vitebskaya who is known and loved by all moms and dads, grannies and granddads. Zhanna true mentioned that in creation of the kindergarten there were services of all of the community, all the parents.

Boris P. Rabin is the chief manager of the building company of ‘Bimar’. It is difficult to overestimate his endowment for rebirth of the synagogue. He was conferred in the nomination of ‘The Restoration and Rebirth’. The prize in the nomination of ‘The Active Social Position’ they handed Vladimir G. Gribov, the director of the Department of Transportation and Communication of the City Management of Nizhny Novgorod.

The national artist of the Russian Federation of Alexander Skulsky, the creative director and chief conductor of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Society. He came to the stage to get the prize in the nomination of ‘The Art’ because he had recorded the symphonic suit of ‘The Reb of Tevie’ according to the story by Sholom-Aleichem of ‘Tevie the Milkman’. Surely, he did not keep from thanking Eduard B. Fertelmeister who is the author of this splendid music. The leader of the Archives Committee of the Nizhny Novgorod Region of Boris M. Pudalov is a person of encyclopedic knowledge. Thanks to him, they systematized history of the Jewish Community in Nizhny Novgorod. He was awarded in the nomination of ‘The Science’. Also Efim N. Nemtsin got a prize in the nomination ‘At Sources’ for helping in reviving of the Jewish Community; the deputy head physician of hospital 35 of Eduard Yu. Fayans was conferred in the nomination of ‘The Volunteer of the Year’. The Belotserkovskies of Mikhail, Irina and their son of Boris were awarded in the nomination of ‘The Young Family’. They had created a family in accordance with laws of Judaism. Thus for one night evening one can trace history of our community from the oldest its members to the youngest ones. Thanks to the latter, the community has the excellent future.

We do know all these persons, and all they received recognition of their merits including because they had never sought any fame for them. They had just wanted to do something for the community as far as possible, i.e. they had created a miracle themselves. More exactly, they helped the Almighty create a miracle for all us.

Such miracle was the splendid appearance of students of the school of ‘Or Avner’ accompanied by the first-rate slide show and rousing singing of a chorus of boys from Jerusalem. The boys reminded one time more that ‘The entire world is a narrow bridge and the main is not to fear anything’.

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By Tatiana Samoylova

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