Pesach 2011-5771 in the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community
// 04.05.2011

On April 18, Monday, in the restaurant of “Shalom” there was celebration of Pesach. In the Seder there participated 180 persons. It was lead by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. In addition, there took part families of Rabinovitzes and Bergmans.

On April 19, Tuesday, in the synagogue there was a kids Seder. There took part 70 kids, for them they organized an excellent entertaining program.

On April 26, Tuesday, there was the prayer of Yzkor in which there took part more than one hundred Jews. This night there was “The Festival of Moshiah” in which there are several tens of guests.

The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman mentioned that this year it had felt festive mood: All the ordered Matzoth and grape juice had been sold (more than two tons!), and for the Seder and the prayer of Yzkor there had been no free seats.

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