Jewish Youth Seminar: a New Space of Relations
// 05.05.2011

Since April, 29, to May, 1 in the sanatorium of “Dubki” there were the youth Jewish seminar “I and Another Person”. The organizer was the youth club of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish society with financial support of the “Foundation of Mirilashvili”. There come to the seminar 84 persons from various cities: Kazan, Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Magnitogorsk, and Chelyabinsk. For teaching they had specially invited professional in the sphere of oratory, business and communication. I visited this seminar too. On the first day all participants were divided into 3 groups: the first was taught oratory, the second was taught time management, the third was taught communication.

I was a member of the first group and learned how having command of the voice could prove useful in various life situations, what exercises it was necessary to do to relax after a hard working day especially as if a work was directly connected to speech activity and how to overcome fear of audience.

The classes were over. There was drawing near Shabbat. The enchantment of the holyday was fulfilling all around. Girls ignited candles, after there was a prayer, Kiddush and a Shabbat meal animated by talking and interesting stories by the Rabbi.

On the next day the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman was lecturing on the subjects of “The Role of a Woman in Judaism”. However, inquisitive minds of Jewish youth did not restrict themselves by questions on the subject trying to find answers by the Rabbi to number of different questions on Judaism.

After the Havdalah we went to dress thick cloths to play the “Fort Boyard” which on the whole was out. We were divided into several teams and we were doing various mobile tasks. I had never had anything of the kind! I liked to work very much in a team where the result depends on each member. At the end of the game they cooked shashlik. It is the most necessary thing after such active rest.

Nearer the night we assembled in a vestibule with soft sofas and armchairs to sing a little to a guitar. The hit of the night was the “Adon Olam”. This song marathon left in my soul very warm reminiscences. Undoubtedly, “the music connected us”. On the latest day we should have create the small scene “One Day of Life of a Successful Person”. A leader of the seminar was helping us to discuss what qualities a successful person must have had, what he or she must have done, what purposes he or she saw in front of him or her. Acting the scene we succeeded to embody this image: It had been hyperbolized a bit, and surely with a part of Jewish humor.

Here there was over the seminar for which we had learned a lot, met new and old friends, and really rested in the open air in a good company. Thanks a lot to the organizers! With impatience I am waiting for a next such event.

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Naumova Lidia

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