Merry Pesach
// 23.04.2012

On April, 10 in the trade mall of “Fantastika”, in the “Crazy Park”, there reigned unusual animation. All the school of “Or Avner” and the kindergarten of “Gan Menachem” assembled there.

What is this? What happened? No-no, do not worry! It was just merry Pesach festival! Our sponsors had decided to do the kids a gift: everyone gave an opportunity to take part in all sideshows and in an entertaining show, to get sweet prizes. It was great! We did not already have such Pesach! At the festival, there were the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon and the Rabbanith of Yael Bergman who were participating in the merriment together with the kids and singing holiday songs. The wonderful atmosphere of unity, warmness and joy reigned overall!

Well, at the end there was the festive delivery of gifts from the sponsors. Kids and their parents in the shop of “Detsky Mir” of the trade mall of “Respublika” had changed those gifts.

Thanks all sponsors and organizers for such wonderful festival!

To see the pictures click here.

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