Youth Seminar in Gorodets: How It Was
// 13.03.2012

From March, 8 to March, 10 in Gorodets there was the youth Jewish seminar. In it there participated more than 70 people from various cities and countries including Penza, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and from many other places. At the seminar, the guests met many surprises, and in the first instance, it was the visit of the Rabbi from Israel of Yaakov Lerner. He, being very experienced lecturer and very wise and an interesting collocutor, caused an especial mood into the program and atmosphere of the event. His deep judgments did not remain anybody indifferent; everyone took part in discussions and learned for him or her lot of the much new. The organizers of the seminar did not forget also of entertaining program for the participants. Boys and girls went to the Gorodets Theater where everyone had an opportunity to choose attire under his or her taste. We congratulate the winners, team #3, which struck the judges by their passion and splendid jokes. The participants of the seminar saw the Shabbat in warm situation singing and dancing. In addition, at the end of the party the boys and girls were eating grills and singing to guitar! Thanks to all organizers and participants of the seminar for the wonderful passed time!

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