The Nizhny Novgorod Community Celebrated Purim
// 13.03.2012

On March 7 Jews of Nizhny Novgorod celebrated Purim, impassioned holiday loved by many people for matchless atmosphere of a banquet and merriment. A ceremonial reading of the scroll by Ester in the prayer hall of the synagogue opened the night. After that in front of the people who to have come there appeared musicians of the jazz group of “Markiza i Parokhod”. For kids who had put on fancy dresses under the tradition there were a show of soup-bubbles and spreading grease paint.

Candyfloss, popcorn and various Purim sweets were waiting for the little sweet teeth. The celebration finished a splendid meal in the banquet hall where joyful speeches and wine were flooding.

They reflected the most colorful moments in the photo gallery of the celebration of Purim

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