Memories of the Holocaust by a granny of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman
// 07.03.2012

This story is of Breindi Flaishman. This woman survived between millstones of the Holocaust and found her second birth in the life of her dear kids and grandkids.

Today seeing her numerous family she at the first time is telling of those terrible days of her past. In the conversation with her grandson of Shimon Breindi recalls of having changed her place in a line for tattoo to get to a woman who was writing the number finer and having got a slap in the face from her sister when Breindi had asked the sister when they would leave the camp alive. For many years, she and her husband were not telling of numbers on their arms. They were keeping silence: Maybe, they wanted to protect their descendant from heavy information or just because they wanted to forget all. In contrary now when their hundredth great-grandkid must be born the granddad of Shimon is sure: «Any time I did not understand why I had survived; now I know that it was for continuation of my blood line». This conversation is of faith, confidence and hope in the horror of the Holocaust.

They took the interview from the site of and they are publishing the material with consent of the author. Click here to see the video

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