Youth Jewish Seminar
// 28.08.2011

How is it possible to unite Jewish youth from different cities and towns of Russia? How to dip the young people into the atmosphere of Jewry and arose their interest to basic problems of Judaism? All who from August 18 to August 23 had luck to be in Kazan at a youth Jewish seminar knows know the answers.

After a long break, the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community organized a meeting for young people in the habitual form for them again. The program of the seminar included various business trainings and games, classes developing business qualities.

Moreover, the greatest discovery for most participants there became lectures by the Rabbi of Dov Ber Baitman specially invited from Dnepropetrovsk. It succeeded likewise to interest people being on different levels of knowledge of Judaism. For the short time of the seminar, the participants attended a course of lectures covered various sides of the Jewish tradition. These are either relation between the man and the woman or studying of the text of Torah with commentaries or even principles of Kabala. The Rabbi presented complicated fundamental problems in an interactive and, if one can so express, in the artistic style, which could not leave anyone indifferent. Knowledge given at the lectures for many people can be an incentive for further studying of Judaism.

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