Unusual Lag BaOmer
// 21.05.2015

I keep in my mind our community to have celebrated Lag BaOmer going by a steamer and this year this holiday has been celebrated by having gone out our city. I even keep also in my mind that Lag BaOmer has once coincided with the Victory Day and we saw the firework from the streamer deck.

But such as it has been this year it had not ever been.

On May, 7 our school had a Topsy-turvy Day. Almost from the early morning there went for us kids of the kindergarten. We all together saw a little video and recited pesuchim. After that, the students went for a class in honor of this ancient Jewish holiday. The classes were given by students of seventh and eights forms for boys and girls from first to sixth ones. Moreover, the classes were prepared very good, were very interesting and with invention.

In addition, at the same time the visitors and the senior students went out of doors and amused there themselves. The little boys and girls were jumping on various trampolines, imagining them to be Spider men, competed who would jump higher on inflated toy horses, shooting with soft toy birds to funny soft figures… Surely kids of the kindergarten did not leave the school being empty-handed. Being led by senior students and tutors the former made very unusual articles and got nice balloons! Can’t be a festival without refreshments? They of course were too!

Exactly up to the moment after going out of the little boys and girls the student had finished their class and opened a contest between teams, green (boys) and yellow ones (girls) and this competition will be continue up to Shavuot. A deserved prize is set aside for the winner team.

Surely there were picnic, making articles, computer game, the game of Jolly balls.

Thanks for such festival!

By M.L. Pashton,
mistress of the school

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