Purim Miracle
// 17.03.2015

This Purim was celebrated by Nizhniy Novgorod Jewish on March, 4, in our synagogue merrily, fervently, in grand style! That holiday shrouded with festive mist, triumphant and vivid like a deep river, was impatiently waited by a lot of parishioners. Elegant visitors were arriving to our synagogue for all the evening. A lot of them came with their children, by all families. It is Purim that symbolizes optimism, thirst for life, hence, this holiday is close for every Jew irrespective of his or her age. Ardent clowns, dress contest, Shadow Theater, live music and tastiest kosher bar are just a brief list of enchantments of this party. In addition, they were happy to the defeat of the evil of Haman and celebrating the victory, the Purim miracle that had been very long ago. In Purim as it is known one may all. In addition, even a wee bit more!

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