Khanukkah – 2007 in Nizny Novgorod
// 12.12.2007

Ханукия на ул. Б.ПокровскаяIn Nizhny Novgorod celebrating of a Khanukkah this year has passed with extraordinary scope.

A number of posters congratulating Jews with a national holiday, have been hanged out in the central streets of city. In some trading and cultural centers are established celebratory Khanukkiyas. Зажжение ханукальных свечей перед концертом в Театре Кукол 8 декабря

And after Saturday in the main street populous ceremony of celebrating of a Khanuka took place.

Rabbi Shimon Bergman switch on central city Khanukkiya also has invited the next candle present on a concert of the Jewish music in which schoolboys of the Jewish school "Or Avner" have taken part also, and also a Russian Jewish Singer, the chairman of the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk Igor Dabakarov.

Праздничный концерт в Театре Кукол 8 декабря, выступают ученики еврейской школыThe administration of area and municipal authorities have rendered necessary assistance to the Jewish community in carrying out of celebratory actions.

The photoreport on celebrating of Khanukkah see here.

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