The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Celebrated Kislev, 19 That Is the Hasidic New Year

On December, 6, Sunday, tens of women and men assembled in the banquet hall of the restaurant of “Shalom” to celebrate the Kislev, 19. On this day the first Lubavich Rabbi of Zalman Meliadi freed from prison. He was the founder of the movement of Chabad. This day is established as the Chasid New Year.

At the party the Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod Shimon Bergman told an interested story and called everyone to decide visiting the synagogue every Shabbat to pray.

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In the Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue there was a Concert of the Men Jewish Chorus of “Khasidskaya Kapella”

On December, 3 at 6.30 p.m. in the prayer hall of the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there was a concert of the Men Jewish Chorus of Cantor Art of “Khasidskaya Kapella”. It was created in 1989 by the Jewish Community of Russia and the American charitable organization of “Joint”. To listen the very exciting singing that were for one and as half hour there came tens of Jew. The men were performing compositions in three languages: Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian. There were being sung both known for everybody Jewish songs and liturgical and canonical compositions. The permanent leader and conductor of the chorus is Alexander Tsalyuk.
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There Published Issue 18 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Chanukah

The paper of the Nizhny Novgorod Community printed 3700 copies is mailed all Jew of the city.

In the paper you can find the interview with the mistress of the kindergarten of “Gan Menachem” of Zhanna Vitebskaya who is telling of it, the selected news of life of the community, and also the information of the near future events.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here.

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The Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich Will Participate in an Annual Conference to Be in New-York

Like in previous years this year in New-York there assembled all envoys of the Lubavich Rabbi for three days for which there will be listened to lectures and will be different discussions of strengthening national self-consciousness of the Jewish people in the whole world. To participate in the conference they invited the Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich. For it they will pray at the grave of the Lubavich Rabbi for progress of their important work and for blessing the Jewish people. Also there will be conducted seminars for Rabbis of the CIS where there will be the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar. The conference will be finished by an especial event in which there will take part 4000 Rabbis! All invited persons will discuss results of the last year at festively laid tables and will come to different decision for the next year.
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Mazal Tov for Lev and Irina Afraimovich in Connection of Their Wedding

On November, 6, Friday, in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there were the Hupa of Lev Afraimovich and Irina Lantsman. It was conducted by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. Also there were present relatives of the bride and the bridegroom and their friends. The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish community is congratulating the new young family and wish the happy couple to be in joy and comfortably off, and to live up for 120 years.
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Representatives of the Jewish Agency of “Sokhnut” in Russia and the Fiundation of “Chesed Sara” Moved to the Building of the Synagogue

From the beginning of November the organizations of “Chesed Sara” and “Sokhnut” are in the building of the synagogue at the Gruzinskaya Street. In their offices it is possible to get all regular services which they were done formerly. The offices of the “Chesed Sara” are on the first floor, the phone is 433-40-21. Ones of the “Sokhnut” are on the third floor, the phone is 430-76-51.
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Rare and Exciting Ceremony of Redeeming First-borns Was on November, 1, in Nizhny Novgorod

In accordance with the Jewish custom every Jew who is the first-born boy in his family should be redeemed by a Kohan beginning from the 30th day after the birthday of the boy. On November, 1, from Moscow there arrived the Rabbi of Shneyor Zalman Kohan to conduct such ceremony for a boy born a month ago in the family of Kushnirs. The opportunity to execute given commandment was used by also the Dad and the Granddad of the kid. They are first-borns too. Also this rite was done for other men.
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Consequential Guest in the Synagogue

On October, 27, in the restaurant of “Shalom na Gruzinskoy” there was a meeting of Tutorial Council of the synagogue and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Khinshtein.

The party was started by the President of the Nizhny Novgorod Community Eduard Chaprak and the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. The leaders told the assembled persons of the done work on reconstruction of the building of the synagogue. They congratulated the deputy with the 35th anniversary that was a day ago and wished him firm health and long years of successful activity. An antique scroll by Ester as a gift for the birthday was given the deputy by the President of the Community Eduard Chaprak.

After the Rabbi and the President the traditional lehaim was toasted by the political scientist of Boris Dukhan, and also by the businessmen of Alexander Goikhman, Dmitry Birman, Eduard Fiyaksel, Grigory Shteiman and Naum Mnasin. Also at the party there were the businessmen of Mark Evin, Mark Feldman, Boris Sherman, Boris Gorelik, Iosif Drits, Igor Yavorsky et al.

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There Finished the Second Semester of the Seminar on Studying Judaism

In September and October in the banquet hall of the synagogue there were every week lectures of Jewish culture. In the seminar there took part tens of students who were visiting lectures by the Rabbi of Yitzhak Gorelik from Kazan and the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman, by the professor of Alexander Lakshin from Moscow and by other lecturers. The seminar was to the initiative by “The Center of Studying Judaism” being in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue. Nowadays we are projecting a usual seminar and also are going to create additional courses on various subjects.

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Hundreds of Jews Celebrated Sukkoth and Simchat Torah

Like in previous years in the yard of the synagogue there was built a big Succah where for all holiday days Jew of Nizhny Novgorod had an opportunity to execute the commandments of lulav holiday meal in a Succah.

There was the especial party of “Simchat Beit Shoava” in which there were taking part Rabbis and guests from Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia. The holiday was celebrated in the Succah. The participants toasted lehaim, after they go to the synagogue where continued the celebration. There were traditional dances accompanying by an orchestra. To celebrate Simchat Torah there arrived to the synagogue hundreds of Jew. They took part in the dancing with the Torah and amused themselves in connection with the end of reading chapters of Torah and beginning new reading.

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Joy in Nizhny Novgorod: 5 Ceremonies of Brit Mila Were Done at the Same Day, Including One with a Baby of 8 Days

On October, 5, Monday, in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there were 4 ceremonies for adults and one for a baby of 8 days accordingly to a Jewish tradition. The baby was born in the family of Svetlana and Evgeny Kushners on the Day of Judgement.

Also a ceremony of circumcision was done for young people of the Youth Club and for one adult. The moel of rabbi of Shai Shofit arrived specially from Moscow for this. After the rite all assembled for a traditional meal in the succah in the yard of the synagogue. Supervisor of the baby was the rabbi of Menachem Rabinovich, the baby was called Yakov Zalig in honor of his two grandfathers. Youths take them the names of Akiva, Ron, Ruben and David.

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Celebrated the Rosh Ha-Shanah

On September, 18, Friday, hundreds of Jews assembled in the synagogue to celebrate the New 5770th Year of the creation of the first human being. The event started from showing the movie that summed up last year activity of Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community. After the showing students of the school of “Or Avner” sang songs dedicated to the Rosh ha-Shanah. Then women lit holiday candles and there started a holiday prayer. After that there were Kiddush and a traditional Jewish meal where there were apples with honey, pomegranates etc. For the festival everyone was handed a gift and a calendar of the community.
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There Published the New Calendar of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community for 2009-2010 (5770)

The theme of the calendar is Kashrus and on an every month page there are a recipe of cooking a dish and a short story. The recipes are given us by wives of rabbis from different Russian cities and the Embassy of Israel in Moscow, and also Raisa Shteiman, Ella Goikhman, Marina Pashton, Zhanna Vitebskaya and another.

Also here are congratulations of the Governor of the Nizny Novgorod region of V.P. Shantsev, the Mayor of the city of V.E. Bulavinov, the President of the Community of E.M. Chaprak and the rabbi of Sh. Bergman.

The calendar can be bought in the synagogue or download its electronic version by clicking here: part 1, part 2.

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There Published Issue 17 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Rosh ha-Shanah

In the paper there is information of nearest holiday events in the synagogue, photos made in the kids camp of “Gan Isroel”, detailed timetable of the autumn course of Judaism, news of the Community, different interviews etc.

The paper is mailed all Jews, also you can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here.

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The Day of Knowledge in the School of “Or Avner”

It seems that there just began school vacation but already there comes autumn. There started September, 1. It is a great holiday for all students of the school of “Or Avner”. This year it met us renovated: Classrooms were repaired, they installed new doors, and for the computer classroom they bought new equipment and furniture.
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Summer. The Sun. “Gan Isroel”-2009 (5769)

This summer for kids and teens was successful especially for who was in the camp of “Gan Isroel”. About a month at first for girls (from July, 9 to July, 20) and after for boys (from July, 21 to August, 2) there were camp periods in a beauty spot of the Republic of Tataria, in the holiday hotel of “Bulgary”. Here is a picture story of these days.
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The Aid to Kids is not Being Ceased

The beneficial program “Aid to kids” that is put into practice in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue is not being ceased. On the contrary in hard economic conditions insufficiently provided families educating kids need more financial support than formerly.

In summer of the current year the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community has done a few charity actions that has been supported and sponsored by the foundation of “Keren le-Edidut”. In July 163 kids have been gift footwear i.e. very necessary trainers for summer rest and doing sports. Twice, in July and August, 185 families having kids have been given food sets contained of vegetable oil, sugar, flour, eggs, pasta, rice, juices and other food necessary for kids.

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There Finished a Congress of Rabbis and Their Assistants in Jerusalem

The congress went off from July, 3 to July, 5 in the hotel of “Holiday Inn” in Jerusalem. In the forum they discussed problems of Judaism and Jewish education and also ones of development of educational institutions in conditions of hard economic crisis. The congress was lead by the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS of Levi Levaev, and also the rabbi of Moshe Kotliarsky from New-York who is a leader of the World Association of Envoys of the Lubavich Rabbi.
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In the City Camp of “Simcha”

There finished the first month of vacations. Someone had time to rest in the country, to visit their relatives or really to play at a computer and to watch TV enough.

Students of the school of “Or Avner” passed these three weeks in their own school and absolutely did not sorry. It is known that whole this time they visited the city camp of “Simcha”. Its name of “Simcha” (it is translated as “joy”) the camp got not accidentally. For the program of events there worked an group consisted of the rabbani of Yael, the rabbanit of Khaya, teachers of the primary grades and leaders of the project of “Perach”. For the leaders it was the first experience of a work in a camp. One can write about the experience very much but let us listen to opinions of persons for who whole this was organized!

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Evening Party of Supporting the Organization of “Mother and Kid” (Em Va-eled)

On Wednesday of June, 10 80 women took part in a unique evening party in the banquet hall of the synagogue at festively laid tables where there were sweet and tasty food.

The party started from showing the affecting movie in which the rabbani of Yael Bergman told of our destiny as women and of our privilege to bear kids. The movie excited the women to tears.For the party Svetlana Erukhimova pleased all by her singing being accompanied by the ensemble of “Bella Voce” and Dmitry Livshyts.

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With Great Success There Finished the Summer Semester of the Course of Study of Judaism

Tens of Jews took part in the summer semester of study of Judaism organized by the Center of Study of Judaism.

The seminars were conducted by the lecturers of the rabbis of Dovid Karpov, the professor of Alexander Lakshin and the rabbi of Moshe Rokhlin from Moscow and also by the rabbi of Ieshayagu Gisser from Israel.

For lectures the audience might know many interesting things on many themes of Judaism and also ask questions and discuss the given information with each other.

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Celebration of Bar- and Bat-Mitzvahs in Nizhny Novgorod

On Sunday, May, 31 in a banquet hall of the synagogue among laid tables there was very emotional festival for four boys and four girls by reason of their entering the world of commandments. Accordingly to the Jewish tradition boys from age of 13 and girls from age of 12 are regarded as adults and hence they should observe commandments like all adults.

The event went off accordingly to the initiative of the school of “Or Avner” and was conducted by its mistress of Marina L. Pashton. Also there took part parents and other relatives of the kids. For the festival the kids sang and danced, imparted their opinions of maturity. They were congratulated by the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman and the President of the Jewish community of Eduard M. Chaprak.

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Kids of Nizhny Novgorod Again Got the Torah

Tens of kids arrived on Friday, May, 29 for celebration of Shavuot. At the beginning they assembled in the prayer hall for reading the Ten Commandments and after prayer they were invited the kids of age of Bar-Mitzvah for ascent of the Torah at the first time in their life. All this was done with singing, congratulations and throwing sweets as it is established by Jewish laws.

At the end of reading commandments the kids were invited into the banquet hall in which all had been already prepared for celebrating: There were created the especial festival program with games, songs and food. The kids were divided into two groups: the first was busy by different games conducted by the rabbani of Chaya Rabinovich, and the other did the same and was conducted by the rabbani of Yael Bergman. All was helped by Zhanna Maslova.

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There Published Issue 16 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Shavuot

In the paper that is mailed Nizhny Novgorod Jews it can read of activity and events of the community that was for the holiday of Passover and get the whole information of the holiday of Shavuot and of the summer kids camp of “Gan Isroel”.

Also here are interviews with the Nizhny Novgorod Jew of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War of Mikhail Bichuch and with Sofia Vysotskaya.

It can download the issue by clicking here.

Merry Shavuot!

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Nizhny Novgorod Jews Celebrated the holiday of Lag B’Omer in a Motor Ship

The Jewish holiday of Lag B’Omer was celebrated in a motor ship on Tuesday, May, 12. In the event there took part more than 100 persons, for young persons there were given a separate motor ship with especial entertaining program.

For kids they organized an entertaining program too, for adults there were music and a bar.

For view of photos click for reading the whole article.

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Rhymed Passover in the School of “Or Avner”

Good tradition in our school there becomes a “rhymed” celebration by reason of the holiday. This holiday was not an exception too: Creative and talented students prepared a poetic concert in honor of the significant event.

Compositions were read in the assembly hall of our school in pleasant and friendly atmosphere for young poets.

In conclusion of the concert the judges pointed to the best authors and handed them gifts as a keepsake. The best participants were Zorina Milana, Isakova Adelina and Li Sofia.

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The Week of Mathematics and Informatics in the School of “Or Avner”

The first week after the vacations was very lively and interesting. Students of all grades took part in the Week of Mathematics and Informatics. Every grade began to prepare to this event beforehand, so already on Monday the walls of the school became many-colored because of wallpapers.

All workers of the school thank the teachers of mathematics Afraimovich G.A. and Vitkovskaya E.I. and teachers of informatics Itina A.M. and Pashton O.B. for the fascinating and informative events of the week.

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The Day of the Holocaust in the School of “Or Avner”

On the Nissan, 27 (April, 21 this year) Israel commemorates a state memorable date of the Day of the Holocaust and Heroism (Yom ha-Shoah ve ha-Gvurah). On this day of 1943 German soldiers using artillery and armored units started planned destructing the Warsaw ghetto and killing its inhabitants.
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In the Synagogue There Opened a Restaurant!

On April 12 and 13 in the banquet hall of the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue they ate, sang and danced. More than 150 Jews visited the festive opening the kosher restaurant of “Shalom na Gruzinskoy”. Both evenings for guests there played the ensemble of “Vtoroye Dykhanie”. The opening was timed to coincide with celebration of Passover.
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More than 2 tons of matzo was sold in the shop “Tzimes” in the synagogue

Hundreds of Jewish families of Nizhniy Novgorod purchased matzo and grape juice for Pesach. At the moment, there is no matzo and grape juice in the synagogue kosher shop at all.

“We didn’t expect such a demand. The synagogue didn’t sell such a bug quantity of matzo for many years,” – stated Rabbi Shimon Bergman.

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Prayer “Blessing of the Sun” – first time in Nizhniy

At 9 a.m. on the 8th of April all students of school “Or Avner” and dozens of Jews came to the synagogue to take part in the event which occurs once every 28 years.

This event was leaded by rabbi Shimon Bergman who explained the meaning of such a historical event as blessing of the sun.

Right after the blessing all the guests took part in another sacred activity - burning of Chametz. This procedure is organized regularly on the eve of Pesach night.

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Pesach in Nizhniy Novgorod – 2009-5769

On the 8th of April for the first time a Pesach Seder was held in the new banquet hall which is located on the third floor of the synagogue. The Seder with more than 100 guests was moderated by rabbi Shimon Bergman and Mikhail Belotzerkovsky.

At the same time in the other hall more than 50 young people were sitting together with rabbi Menachem Rabinovich and also followed all the rules of the classical Pesach Seder.

The next Seder was on organized for children on the 9th of April. This Seder was leaded by madrichim Mikhail Shteyman and Zhanna Maslova. “

On the 16th of April a prayer Izkor for the first time was held in the new prayer hall. Dozens of Jews came to pray in a newly beautifully renovated hall for doven.

“Moshiah meal” which is a concluding Pesach meal was celebrated in the new restaurant hall.

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The 15th issue of the newspaper Be-yahad about Pesach is being published

The newspaper Be-yahad is delivered to every Jewish family in Nizhniy. This issue is devoted to Pesach holiday and readers can find inside this number the information about Pesach celebration in Nizhniy Novgorod. Also the full explanation of the meaning of the sun blessing is presented in this edition.

On the other pages the reader will find an interview with Rabbi Menachem Rabinovich about a new project – writing new Torah scroll which will unite all the Jews of CIS. A series of pictures from Purim celebration is also a good present for every Jewish family who will open this issue of Be-yahad.

It is important to mention that this issue of Be-yahad is published in number of 3700 copies.

For downloading the 15th issue, please, click here

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Jews from Nizhniy made a masquerade!

Jewish community of Nizhny Novgorod celebrated Purim in the newly and beautifully renovated praying hall.

Rabbi of Yeshiva Menachem Rabinovich made a traditional reading of Megilat Esther.

The entertaining program for children and their parents was organized by the actors from Nizhniy Novgorod circus. Clown, acrobat, magician and a professional concert host made a special program for all the guests.

In the intervals between circus tricks children were presenting their costumes. Such characters as Zorro, Princess, Malvina, Watter Carrier and other heroes came to the Purim celebration. Costume contest for kids and young people of Jewish community was organized by madrichim.

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The 14th issue of the newspaper "Be-yahad" devoted to Purim is being published

In the newspaper which is delivered to every Jew of Nizhniy Novgorod, information about holiday Purim can be found. Also, there is an article and pictures from the event devoted to bringing in the new prayer hall a new Torah scroll.

There are two interviews in this issue. The first interview is with the Rabbi Shimon Bergman regarding the tenth anniversary of their life in Nizhniy Novgorod. The next interview is with the veteran Dmitry Shor. All the regular rubrics also can be found.

For downloading this issue, please, click here

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More than 50 women met on the day when Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Shneerson died.

Jewish women got together at the Women Club on the 17th of February. This meeting was devoted to the memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Shneerson, the wife of Lubavich Rebbe. The women were sitting in the new banquet halls. The tables were beautifully decorated and many delicious hot and sweet dishes were cooked for this meeting by Rebbetzin Yael Bergman and Rebbetzin Chaya Rabinovich.

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A new Torah scroll in Nizhniy Novgorod synagogue. “There was not such in Nizhniy more than one hundred years” – Rabbi Shimon Bergman.

January, 29th was a very special day for N. Novgorod Jewish people because the two celebrations at one day. The first one was the bringing the Torah scroll in. The second celebration was dedicated to the opening of the newly reconstructed praying hall.

The Torah scroll was ordered one year ago and written in Israel. The sacred scroll, price of which 30 thousand dollars, is a dare present of Boris Sherman to the Jews of N.Novgorod.

More than 300 people came to the synagogue. Jewish people of the community danced and sang a lot being happy to be the witnesses of such a special day.

It is important to mention that a new Torah scroll was brought in the memory of the father of Rebezzin Yael Bergman who passed away last year.

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More than 150 people came to celebrate Levi’s Opshernish

According to the Jewish law, it is not allowed to gather harvest from the trees in Israel in the first three years. Torah compares a man with a tree. That’s why it is forbidden to cut boy’s hair also during his first three years of life. The first haircut and the third birthday are celebrated at the same day with a very joyful and special birthday party.

On January 29th more than 150 guests came to the synagogue to celebrate with Rabbi Shimon Bergman and his wife Yael Opshernish of their youngest son Levi.

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Family Day at «Or Avner» school.

On Wednesday, February 11, our school held a concert devoted to Day of Families.

As you know, school «Or Avner», often holds different events: a meeting of parents and children, assisting in the preparation of community festivals, and also guys gather information of their predecessors for the project «Roots» («Korni»).

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Celebration day after day!

Everyone now live in difficult, painful era of the global financial crisis. These difficult times, of course, not spared any of us. But every parent strives to ensure that the economic problems in any way not referred to his child. And the kindergarten «Gan Menachem» has also been working in this direction.

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A new child is born in the family of N.Novgorod Yeshiva Rabbi

A son, the third child, was born on January 6th in the family of Menachem Rabinovich, Yeshiva Rabbi in Nizhniy Novgorod. The child was born in Israel. The mother and a little boy feel themselves good.

Rabbi of N.Novgorod Shimon Bergman congratulated Rabinovich family with the fact of becoming a bigger family and wished them a lot of happiness, health and joy.

A ceremony of circumcision took place on January 14th in Kfar Habbad city. There were many guests, relatives and family members at the ceremony. A child got a name Shneor Zalman in honour of the First Rebbe of Lubavich movement.

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A special message of Rabbi Shimon Bergman at the situation in the south of Israel.

All of us heard news from the land of Israel last week. Terrorists Hamas shelled of rockets different cities in southern Israel, and hundreds of thousands of Jews every second is just in a mortal danger. In response, the Government of Israel decided to conduct a military operation to destroy terrorists and Hamas, and in that moment when I’m writing to you my message, IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

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Chanukah in Nizhniy Novgorod style!

On December 24th a festive concert with a special guest - a band from Israel – was organized in N.Novgorod Puppet Theatre.

Boys from primary and secondary Jewish school “Or Avner” were the first on the stage at the Chanukah concert. They lighted the Chanukia and after that performed a song “Lift up a candle” from the repertoire of American choir “Miami Boys”.

Then the leaders of Jewish community of Nizhniy Novgorod - Rabbi Shimon Bergman, the main rabbi of Volzhsky region, Eduard Chaprak, the chairman of Jewish Community of Nizhniy Novgorod and Susanna Turaeva, director of N.Novgorod Regional Jewish Cultural Autonomy - congratulated all the guests on Chanukah holiday.

But that was not an end of the festival. A group from Israel “Tsemid Reim” made the concert even more memorable and joyful! “Tsemid Reim” consists of two soloists, a keyboard and wind instrument players. As a part of their tour in Russia the Israeli group also had concerts in Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk and Tomsk.

Jewish people of Nizhniy Novgorod enjoyed listening around ten famous songs in Hebrew including “Alleluia”, “Sevivon sof, sof, sof” and “Chanukia li yesh”.

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