A new child is born in the family of N.Novgorod Yeshiva Rabbi

A son, the third child, was born on January 6th in the family of Menachem Rabinovich, Yeshiva Rabbi in Nizhniy Novgorod. The child was born in Israel. The mother and a little boy feel themselves good.

Rabbi of N.Novgorod Shimon Bergman congratulated Rabinovich family with the fact of becoming a bigger family and wished them a lot of happiness, health and joy.

A ceremony of circumcision took place on January 14th in Kfar Habbad city. There were many guests, relatives and family members at the ceremony. A child got a name Shneor Zalman in honour of the First Rebbe of Lubavich movement.

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A special message of Rabbi Shimon Bergman at the situation in the south of Israel.

All of us heard news from the land of Israel last week. Terrorists Hamas shelled of rockets different cities in southern Israel, and hundreds of thousands of Jews every second is just in a mortal danger. In response, the Government of Israel decided to conduct a military operation to destroy terrorists and Hamas, and in that moment when I’m writing to you my message, IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

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Chanukah in Nizhniy Novgorod style!

On December 24th a festive concert with a special guest - a band from Israel – was organized in N.Novgorod Puppet Theatre.

Boys from primary and secondary Jewish school “Or Avner” were the first on the stage at the Chanukah concert. They lighted the Chanukia and after that performed a song “Lift up a candle” from the repertoire of American choir “Miami Boys”.

Then the leaders of Jewish community of Nizhniy Novgorod - Rabbi Shimon Bergman, the main rabbi of Volzhsky region, Eduard Chaprak, the chairman of Jewish Community of Nizhniy Novgorod and Susanna Turaeva, director of N.Novgorod Regional Jewish Cultural Autonomy - congratulated all the guests on Chanukah holiday.

But that was not an end of the festival. A group from Israel “Tsemid Reim” made the concert even more memorable and joyful! “Tsemid Reim” consists of two soloists, a keyboard and wind instrument players. As a part of their tour in Russia the Israeli group also had concerts in Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk and Tomsk.

Jewish people of Nizhniy Novgorod enjoyed listening around ten famous songs in Hebrew including “Alleluia”, “Sevivon sof, sof, sof” and “Chanukia li yesh”.

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