There Finished the Second Semester of the Seminar on Studying Judaism

In September and October in the banquet hall of the synagogue there were every week lectures of Jewish culture. In the seminar there took part tens of students who were visiting lectures by the Rabbi of Yitzhak Gorelik from Kazan and the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman, by the professor of Alexander Lakshin from Moscow and by other lecturers. The seminar was to the initiative by “The Center of Studying Judaism” being in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue. Nowadays we are projecting a usual seminar and also are going to create additional courses on various subjects.

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Hundreds of Jews Celebrated Sukkoth and Simchat Torah

Like in previous years in the yard of the synagogue there was built a big Succah where for all holiday days Jew of Nizhny Novgorod had an opportunity to execute the commandments of lulav holiday meal in a Succah.

There was the especial party of “Simchat Beit Shoava” in which there were taking part Rabbis and guests from Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia. The holiday was celebrated in the Succah. The participants toasted lehaim, after they go to the synagogue where continued the celebration. There were traditional dances accompanying by an orchestra. To celebrate Simchat Torah there arrived to the synagogue hundreds of Jew. They took part in the dancing with the Torah and amused themselves in connection with the end of reading chapters of Torah and beginning new reading.

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Joy in Nizhny Novgorod: 5 Ceremonies of Brit Mila Were Done at the Same Day, Including One with a Baby of 8 Days

On October, 5, Monday, in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there were 4 ceremonies for adults and one for a baby of 8 days accordingly to a Jewish tradition. The baby was born in the family of Svetlana and Evgeny Kushners on the Day of Judgement.

Also a ceremony of circumcision was done for young people of the Youth Club and for one adult. The moel of rabbi of Shai Shofit arrived specially from Moscow for this. After the rite all assembled for a traditional meal in the succah in the yard of the synagogue. Supervisor of the baby was the rabbi of Menachem Rabinovich, the baby was called Yakov Zalig in honor of his two grandfathers. Youths take them the names of Akiva, Ron, Ruben and David.

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